Fully enclosed protective clothing
Fully enclosed protective clothing
Fully enclosed protective clothing
Fully enclosed protective clothing

Fully enclosed protective clothing

    • Fabric thickness :0.45±0.05mm
    • Tensile strength : warp and weft direction ≥450N/5cm
    • Tearing strength : ≥50N
product description

The built-in heavy-duty chemical protective clothing for firefighters is one of the protective clothing for firefighters. It is used for firefighters to protect themselves from chemical dangerous goods when they conduct fire fighting and rescue operations on fire sites and accident scenes with dangerous chemicals and corrosive substances. Or protective clothing worn by corrosive substances. At the same time, it is widely used in many places such as chemical industry, smelting, municipal administration, communication, papermaking and so on. The fire-fighting chemical protective clothing is made of flame-retardant-treated brocade silk cloth, coated with flame-retardant and chemical-resistant surface glue on both sides. It will only produce carbonization in case of fire, and it will not drip, and can maintain good strength as the main material. The garment body and gloves are made by the process of joining-sewing-sticking, and are matched with flame-retardant, chemical-proof, voltage-resistant and puncture-resistant boots to form a complete set of clothing.

Technical index

Fabric thickness


Tensile strength

Warp and weft direction ≥450N/5cm

Tearing strength


Anti-acid and alkali performance

10mm liquid column 1h (80%H2SO4, 60%HN03, 30%HCL. 6.1MO1/LNAOH) impermeable. To

Heat aging resistance

125×24 non-stick, not brittle

Cold resistance

-25×5Min,no cracks when folded 180 degrees

Gasoline resistance

20# gasoline soaked for 30s without cracks and stickiness

lame retardant

Continuous burning time≤2s, flame retardant time≤10s, damage length≤10cm, no drop

Resistance to penetration of radiant heat

(1Kw/M2×30S inner surface temperature rise) ≤25℃

Chemical protection boots performance

Electrical insulation performance of shoe sole


Penetration resistance of the sole of the boot


Waterproof performance of boots

Soaking in water for 2h, no water seepage

Chemical protective clothing performance


Adhesive strength of stickers


Water leakage resistance

5 3L/min nozzles will not leak after being washed for 15 minutes

Chemical protective clothing airtight type

1650PA±50Pa 6Min pressure drop ≤300Pa

Overall weight


Main component performance

Overpressure exhaust valve performance

Air tightness≥15S, ventilation resistance 78-118Pa

Ventilation system distribution valve performance

Maximum air supply ≥30L/min, quantitative air supply 5L/Min

Chemical protective clothing specifications

Large: more than 180 CM Large: 175-180CM

Medium: 170—175CM Small: Below 170CM

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