Positive pressure air breathing apparatus
Positive pressure air breathing apparatus
Positive pressure air breathing apparatus
Positive pressure air breathing apparatus

Positive pressure air breathing apparatus

product description

Air respirator is a kind of protective equipment for human respiratory organs, which is used to carry out reconnaissance, fire fighting, rescue and emergency rescue in scenes with dense smoke, poisonous gas, irritating gas or severe hypoxia. The positive pressure air respirator has the advantages of reliable performance, high safety, comfortable wearing, comfortable breathing, strong adaptability to the human body, wide field of vision, good air tightness, small size, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Positive pressure air breathing apparatus is mainly composed of high-pressure air cylinder and cylinder valve, cylinder strap, pressure reducer, air supply valve, full face mask, pressure gauge, residual air alarm, back frame, medium pressure soft tube, high pressure soft tube It is composed of catheter, waist belt and shoulder strap.


Technical index

Face mask

It is a large-view window. The lens of the window is made of polycarbonate, which has high transparency, strong abrasion resistance, and anti-fog function. The mesh hood style is comfortable and convenient to wear. The colloid is made of silicone, non-toxic, Odorless, non-stimulating, good airtight performance


t is an aluminum-lined carbon fiber fully wound composite gas cylinder with a working pressure of 30MPa. It has light weight, high strength and good safety performance. The bottle valve has a high-pressure safety protection device. Suitable for environment at low temperature -40°C

Bottle belt group

The bottle belt clamp is a fast cam locking mechanism, and ensures that the bottle belt is always in a closed loop state. The cylinder will not turn over

Shoulder strap

Made of flame-retardant polyester fabric, the back strap adopts a bilateral adjustable structure, so that the weight falls on the waist and hip area, reducing the pressure of the shoulder strap on the chest, and making breathing smooth. And there is a wide elastic pad on the shoulder strap to reduce the pressure on the shoulder


Placed in front of the chest, the alarm sound is easy to distinguish, small in size and light in weight

Pressure gauge

Large dial, night vision function, equipped with rubber protective cover

Cylinder valve

Self-locking structure, with high-voltage safety device, small opening torque

Back support

The back support design conforms to the ergonomic principle, and is injection molded from carbon fiber composite materials. It has flame retardant and anti-static functions. It is light and strong. The inner side of the back support is lined with an elastic pad to make the wearer comfortable.

Belt set

The buckle is locked and easy to adjust

Supply valve

Simple structure, strong functionality, large output flow, bypass output, small size



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