service and support


    process materials supplied by customers

    Customers provide raw materials and packaging, our company provides equipment, production site and personnel, according to customer requirements for processing, production.

    Incoming sample custom make

    Customers provide samples, our company according to the sample analysis, research, design and production plan, customer confirmation, then in accordance with the full order commissioned by our company processing.

    manufacturing consignment

    Our company according to customer requirements for product design, research and development, customer confirmation after the commission of our company for processing and production.

    Exports of foreign trade

    Familiar with the export process of foreign trade goods, understand the laws and regulations of many countries and regions, can meet the standards of exporting countries and deliver goods on time.
Cooperation Process
Henan Zhong An Electronic Detection Technology CO.,LTD.
Otywell Six advantages

    13 years of production and research experience, the company's honor guarantee

    Founded in 2007, Otywell focuses on gas safety testing and its products are sold abroad.

    Independent R & D team homepage technical support

    Otywell has a professional R&D team, independent research and development of core technology, has obtained a number of product patents.The products obtained a number of national qualifications certification.

    two production bases are fully supplied from stock

    Otywell production base covers an area of 18,000 square meters, with annual sales of nearly one billion yuan.The company has SMT workshop, smoke test equipment, gas test equipment, self-inspection equipment, aging equipment and many other advanced equipment, to ensure adequate spot supply.

    A number of authorized patents, THE EU CE certification

    Otywell has obtained 20 patents (including 2 invention patents, 12 practical patents and 6 appearance patents), 18 fire protection product certifications, 10 explosion-proof certificates, 1 National mandatory product certification, 10 national type approval certificates for manufacturing measuring instruments, 5 EU CE certifications and 1 SIL certification.

    Triple quality guarantee the products are all qualified

    Otywell has the national advanced testing platform, each instrument must pass the triple inspection before leaving the factory.From incoming materials, production to delivery, layers of checks, to ensure that each process strictly comply with national standards, to ensure that all products qualified.

    24 hours after-sales service and 20 minutes quick response

    One-stop full name service, implementation of all-weather 2 hours after-sales service system, 20 minutes to respond quickly to customer needs.From the request of customers to the completion of customer requirements, Altair provides technical guidance and service support.


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