Domestic Gas Cut-Off Valve
Domestic Gas Cut-Off Valve
Domestic Gas Cut-Off Valve
Domestic Gas Cut-Off Valve

Domestic Gas Cut-Off Valve

    • Drive voltage: DC9V ~ DC12V. (pulse)
    • Body material: brass alloy.
    • Drive current: <2A (pulse)
    • Sealed material: NBR rubber.
    • Valve time: less than 1 second.
product description

Household safety products: dn-15 series gas emergency cut-off solenoid valves are safety emergency cut-off devices for gas pipelines.It can be connected with the gas leakage alarm system or connected with the fire and other intelligent alarm control terminal modules to realize the on-site or remote automatic/manual emergency cut-off gas source to ensure the use of gas safety.The valve shuts off automatically when there is a strong, harmful vibration.The open valve must be manually operated, which can be opened manually to meet the safety management standard, which is in line with the characteristics of accident handling.

Technical index

Drive voltage

DC9V ~ DC12V. (pulse)

Body material:

Brass alloy.

Drive current:

<2A (pulse)

Sealed material

NBR rubber

Valve time

< 1s

Working environment temperature:

- 10 ℃ to + 50 ℃

Explosion-proof type

Cast seal type.

Maximum working pressure


Line length

0.4 m.

Connection mode

G1/2 "(DN15A)/ g3/4" (DN20A)

Valve mode

DC pulse drive/manual.;Manual reset.


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