Household kitchen alarm-OT100
Household kitchen alarm-OT100
Household kitchen alarm-OT100
Household kitchen alarm-OT100
Household kitchen alarm-OT100
Household kitchen alarm-OT100

Household kitchen alarm-OT100

    • Adopt high-performance gas sensor
    • Fast response speed, small zero drift, high precision, low power consumption
    • Microprocessor control, MP film technology, low failure rate
    • On-site sound and light alarm to trigger remote network alarm system
    • Ventilation or shut off gas source linkage device

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Product description
The model OT100 is LPG/LNG natural gas household kitchen alarm, It adopts high-quality gas sensors, micro-processing control, and is made with advanced electronic technology and sophisticated craftsmanship. It adopts advanced semiconductor sensor with high stability. Features such as small sensitivity drift. Where there are natural gases in the home, and the gas concentration reaches the set warning value, the OT100 gas detector will faithfully send out an audible and visual alarm signal to remind you to take effective measures immediately; or activate the linkage device, ventilate or shut off the gas Source, eliminate dangerous situations; effectively avoid the occurrence of vicious accidents such as fire, explosion, suffocation, and death. It Used to detect the leakage of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other gases, it has the advantages of high performance, low power consumption, simple operation, easy maintenance and so on, widely used in homes, hotels, apartments and other places, effectively avoid the occurrence of fire, explosion and other accidents caused by gas leakage.


Technical index

Sensor type


Detection gas

LPG/LNG/natural gas

Working voltage:

AC220V ± 15% 50Hz

Detection range:


Power consumption

≤1W, dynamic power consumption: ≤1.5W

Pressure limit


Operating environment

Temperature 0 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ humidity≤95% RH

Storage temperature

-25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

Response time

≤30s automatic recovery

Sampling method

Natural diffusion

Alarm mode

sound and light alarm

Alarm volume

About 70dB

1Total weight



120mm × 80mm × 50mm


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