Henan otywell electronic technology co., LTD. (referred to as otywell) was established in zhengzhou high-tech zone in 2009, is a professional gas detection alarm control instrument, dust meter, positive pressure air breathing apparatus and other safety protection equipment r & d, assembly, production and sales manufacturers.
Otywell currently serves nearly 10,000 customers, gas detection alarm instrument covers a wide range, and used in communication network, customer, mining, electricity, gas pipes and medical treatment, environmental protection, fire control, automobile manufacturing, chemical industry, smelting, casting, pharmaceutical, archaeological expedition, coal coking, frozen food, military manufacturing, and other need to detect inflammable and explosive, poisonous and harmful environment.


why choose us

    ODM / OEM service

    Customers provide raw materials and packaging, our company provides equipment, production site and personnel, according to customer requirements for processing, production.


    Recruitment of Distributors

    We adhere to the brand line, product sales doubled year by year, at the same time, with the strong technical strength of Otywell, and many brands at home and abroad to establish a good strategic partnership, in the gas detection industry has a good reputation.



    Otywell technical support is available online or over the phone.If you need international support, you can also contact your local dealer.Please contact technical support on the website,include any relevant data files or screen shots and pictures that can help us solve your problems.

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